Who are we?

ALESIS specializes in professional audio, including outdoor and indoor performances line array speaker system, professional stage speaker, KTV rooms and a dedicated speaker system, amplifier, mixer, signal processor / EQ, limiter / compressors, actuators, dividers, power timing devices. To meet the additional needs of different customers, we have added a class D conference center processor and ceiling speakers.
Our professional audio systems can be used in different venues, including: stadiums, large and small concert halls, churches, hotels, schools, conference centers, conference rooms, banquet halls and restaurants.
Product Concept

Professional sounds come from a single source of sound that will transmit to the microphone through a processor. It then travel through an amplifier, into the speaker and through some distances and space and finally back to our ears. Each part of transfer process will reduce and change the quality of the original sound. We will restore the sound back to it’s originality with a good quality products and professional technology.
We believe it is not only our responsibility to reproduce sound back to its originality; it is the least we can do to show our utmost respect for musicians and performers who dedicate their life to their work.
“Good enough" is a starting point. We aim for excellence in everything we do. Starting from the raw materials, we take part and monitor every part. We take responsibility for everything we do, and everything we do, we give our best effort.
Our responsibility

We believe that a good product has to have good quality as well as cost-effective; It is our research and development team's mission. And our commitment to consumers and users.
To get the market’s recognition, we must not only “say”, but “do” with action, to prove that we are determining to live up the responsibility. From the way we run our business to the way we service our customer. From the products we sell to the after-sales support we provide we pay attention to each and every little detail.
Our goal

We want to let every man who knows music in this world to know that superior products does not have to come with an enormous price tag. Let us use our most advanced technology to brings you peace of mind, and great value for your investment.
Our professions

The combination of sound and space is an art, when the space has changed, natural has become naturally. We understand the principles of sound diffusion; it is not going to change! if the space can not be changed for various reasons, we can only change the sound diffusion and coordinate with the environment.

We guarantee our products quality and cost-effective in the market far better then our competitors. From a technician to product certification, our technology will not only meet the world's toughest requirements and standards. We can also meet our high demand customers.